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World-leading enterprises exact an agreement with countries, such as Viet-nam, Taiwan or Singapore for development, and with Japan and Korea for manufacturing, and import these products to market towards the United States or other countries.

For example, the United States raises small businesses through the support of the federal, state, or county governments, and connections with NGOs, such as NFIB, help to make a powerful economic nation.
The Korean government actively supports its world-leading enterprises, like Samsung and LG, in information technology, shipbuilding, and manufacturing industries.
Vietnam has stepped forward to be one of the members of the world economy opening itself to foreign markets. The Doimoi Market established economic open door policies since 1986, and Vietnam is developing in the base of small market industries. It is expected that the Indochina peninsular area (almost 150 million population) will be one of the major local economic powers. Vietnam strengthens its economic foundation with systematically increasing domestic capabilities, social infrastructure expansion, and moves to globalization by established trade agreements with the United States in 2001.
Notably, information technology companies are growing rapidly, so they affect Taiwanese and Chinese markets.

To become a highly skilled leader of a specialized field requires a professional corporation with protocols and procedures, trained employees, and a sound marketing strategy. JGBLI is affiliated with Corning, Cisco Systems, Microsoft, NCR, NIST in the information technology field; TissueGene, Rexan, FDA, NIH in the biotech field; and Triton, Dover, Hyosung, Samsung, IBM in manufacturing, services, and development.
Working with JGBLI brings a synergy for success by merging demand from nations and corporations with supply from our partners.

We promote each partner's technical development and offer better quality products and services to consumers.
Also, we help to create new market sales through networking directly with a countries demand and expedite government procurement processing.
We link a corporation, which has low cost production with qualified human resources to a country that has high labor cost production.
We also link corporations, which have low cost manufacturing with countries that have high cost in production. Doing this minimizes trade relation disputes between countries.

Each company's CEOs can attend a regularly scheduled JGBLI seminar for overseas expansion, information and technology networking, and mergers and acquisitions. These training sessions help CEOs become qualified international corporate leaders.