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BIO Technology > Korea-Maryland Bio Expo 2010

  • Promotional Booklet Cover
  • A. Overview

  • B. Expected Effects of the BIO Expo

  • C. History 1.World Trade Week 2.Launch of the MD Bio 2020 Policy

  • C. History 3.JG BLI Bio Business development Planning Initiates 4.Obama's Green Deal

  • C. History 5.Discussion with Chris Van Hollen 6.BIO International Convention - Atlanta

  • C. History 7.Discussion of JG with Director of the MGC 8.Gachon University Gil Hospital

  • C. History 9.Seminar on the KORUS 10.Seminar on "Current Trends of the Economy"

  • C. History 11.Visit from Korean Health and Welfare 12.Selection of Shinseo and Osong

  • C. History 13.Exchange of MOU Between DEBED 14.Supporting Letter from JHU

  • C. History 15.Exchange of MOU between Montgomery County DED

  • C. History 16.1st Visit to Korea promoting Maryland Bio 2020 Policy

  • C. History 17.Conference U.S. - Korea 18.Meeting with MD Bio Center 19.Council meeting

  • C. History 20.MD Biotechnology Center Opening 21."Bio Expo 2010" logo and poster

  • C. History 22.Visit from the Gyeongsangbuk-Do Life Science Advance Team

  • C. History 23.Inauguration Ceremony 24.2nd Visiting to Korea Promiting "Bio Expo 2010"

  • C. History 25.Confirmation of Expo Venue 26.Plan for the Details 27.Appearance at KAMA

  • C. History 28.Visit from "SEBA Group 29."Bio Expo 2010" Select as Top 10 2009 News

  • C. History 30.JHU and HNU decide 31.Life Sciences Seminar 32.KEI hosts a Seminar

  • C. History 33.Meeting with Chancellor of JHU 34.Visit to discuss by JHU and HNU

  • C. History 35.The HFU explains 36.Discussion with former Congressman Jay Kim

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